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We raise the bar

New standards for your pension investments

Together with our partner AP Pension, we offer a sustainable pension, and ensure that your employees money is invested with high concern for people and the planet.

Zero fossil fuels

Zero fossil fuels

No investments made in companies producing oil, coal or gas or owning fossil fuel reserves.

No weapons nor tobacco

No weapons nor tobacco

Zero investments in companies producing or distributing weapons and warfare equipment or any tobacco related products.

Higher standards for business ethics

Higher standards for business ethics

Your savings are invested with high concern for human rights and responsible business practices.

More green energy, new technologies & health care

More green energy, new technologies & health care

More investments in companies producing renewable energy, green technology and health care pioneers.

Direct investments in green infrastructure, forestry and real estate

Direct investments in green infrastructure, forestry and real estate

More direct investments in offshore wind turbines, solar cells, energy efficient buildings and certified forestry.

An employee with 400.000 kr. in savings can avoid a total of 50 tonnes of CO₂, and finance 10 MWh of green energy generation annually.

compared to a normal pension in an average Danish pension company

No need to compromise

We’ve got you covered

All company pensions are powered by AP Pension. This gives you personal pension advisors, full insurance package and competitive costs.

Competi­tive costs

Administrative costs


of your contribution

Annual investment costs




of the money in your deposit

Loyalty bonus


Flexible savings

Automatic adjustment savings for the individual employee

  • Life cycle and risk profiles

  • Variable savings rates

  • Automated administration

  • Real human advisors

Fully insured

All employees can get full insurance coverage, meaning:

  • Health insurance

  • Critical illness

  • Loss of working capacity

  • Life insurance

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Just to be clear

by AP Pension

This means that you will get a normal pension provided by AP Pension with more than 100 years experience, only a lot more sustainable. Matter helps AP Pension with ensuring sustainability - and you don't pay extra.

This means

This means
  • Your savings is with AP, not Matter

  • No extra costs or hidden fees

  • All employees become AP Pension customers

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